2017 projects


NanoSteamEx: production of microfibrillated cellulose by a steam explosion process


PI: Evelyne Mauret (LGP2)

Partners: LGP2, Laboratoire d'Etude et de Recherche sur le Matériau Bois (LERMAB, Nancy, France)

Co-funding: Tec21, LabEx ARBRE (Univ. Lorraine)

S²PACK: Safe and smart packaging


PI: Aurore Denneulin (LGP2)

Partners: LGP2, Welsh Center for Printing and Coating (University of Swansea, Wales)

Co-funding: Tec21, Univ. Swansea, IDEX Grenoble

DYNERTIAL: Clustering and settling dynamics of inertial particles under turbulence


PI: Martin Obligado (LEGI)

Partners: LEGI, Department of Mechanical Engineering (University of Washington, USA)

Co-funding: Tec21, University of Washington, IDEX Grenoble

Numerical study of the physics of assisted atomisation to control its efficiency


PI: Guillaume Balarac (LEGI)

Partners: LEGI, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Cornell University, USA)

Co-funding: Tec21, Cornell Univ., IDEX Grenoble

Ice templating of gels of cellulose nanofibrils for the design of NFC cellular materials


PI: Laurent Orgéas (3SR)

Partners: 3SR, CNRM (Toulouse), IGE (Grenoble), LaMCoS (Lyon)

Co-funding: Tec21, IDEX Grenoble

Hydrodynamics of bubble columns in the heterogeneous regime


PI: Martin Obligado (LEGI)

Partners: LEGI, IFPEN (Lyon), LGP2

Co-funding: Tec21, IDEX Grenoble

BIOinMECH: the mechanics of bio-inspired processes, a multiscale study of multifunctional systems


PI: Luc Sibille (3SR)

Partners: 3SR, Georgia Tech Center for bio-inspired Geotechnics (USA)

Co-funding: Tec21, IDEX Grenoble

MECHAVOICE: Biomechanics and self-sustained vibrations of the human vocal folds, computer modelling and experimental validation


PI: Lucie Bailly (3SR)

Partners: 3SR, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Czech Technical University, Prague)

Co-funding: Tec21, Czech Technical University, IDEX Grenoble

RHEOLYMPH: Studying the behaviour of lymph through experimental and computational microfluidics


PI: Mourad Ismail (LIPhy)

Partners: LIPhy, Zienkiewicz Centre of Computational Engineering (University of Swansea, Wales)

Co-funding: Tec21, University of Swansea, IDEX Grenoble


Flow of flexible fibres suspensions at high Reynolds number using DEM-CFD coupling


PI: Deepak Kunhappan (post-doc)

Partners: 3SR, LEGI and Lamcos (Lyon)

PHOTORHEO: Stress-induced bioluminescence as a stress sensor in complex fluids


PI: Salima Rafaï (LIPhy)

Partners: LIPhy, LRP

CELLUSWIMM: swimming vesicles as pilotable drug conveyors


PI: Catherine Quilliet (LIPhy)

Partners: LIPhy, CERMAV

Co-funding: Tec21, Institut Carnot Polynat

Margination phenomena: segregation in blood and model suspensions


PI: Clément de Loubens (LRP)

Partners: LRP, LIPhy

PSEUDOLECTINS: Deciphering the role of lectins in surface adhesion and virulence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa


PI: Sigolène Lecuyer (LIPhy)

Partners: LIPhy, CERMAV

Co-funding: Tec21, Institut Carnot Polynat

LYCAON: chemiluminescence of luminol subjected to hydrodynamic cavitation on a chip


PI: Frédéric Ayela (LEGI)

Partners: LEGI, LRP

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