Internal organisation

Internal organisation

Tec 21 is run by the management team in close cooperation with the group of task leaders involved in scientific work packages.


WP1: Coupling fluid and solid mechanics

Task leaders: Guillaume Chambon and Guillaume Balarac

WP3: Engineering for human health

Task leaders: Delphine Débarre and Thomas Podgorski

WP4: Advanced numerical tools and experimental methods

Task leaders: Sabine Rolland du Roscoat and Giovanni Ghigliotti



Scientific coordinator:

Christian Geindreau

+33(0) 476 827 077

Deputy coordinators:
Evelyne Mauret

+33(0) 476 826 933

Claude Verdier
+33(0) 476 635 980

Project manager:
Cécile Bordier

+33(0) 456 528 650

Partnership manager:
Mathieu Tilquin

+33(0) 476 825 246


Education unit:

Henda Djeridi


The Steering Committee is made up of partner laboratory directors, and makes decisions on the new research projects to be financed based on internationally peer-reviewed proposals, on new educational initiatives in particular those related with summer schools, and on actions for the development of transfer activities (including services and platforms).


The scientific council advises the executive board on scientific orientations, on proposed new educational programs and on transfer strategy. It is composed of representatives of each partner research laboratory and external scientists.


The Executive board reviews the LabEx status and plans for the future. It supervises the management team, approves the scientific program, the educational initiatives and transfer policy, the financial investments, and the human and financial resources for each Work Package.

The executive board is composed of representatives of Tec21's supervising institutions.