We bring together our technical resources and scientific expertise within research platforms.

Our platforms have been created to:

  • ease and strengthen collaborations between research laboratories and companies, associations, territorial governance etc... by means joint projects,
  • share high tech equipment,
  • give to students an access to up-to-date techniques.

3 platforms

are currently within the Tec21 perimeter, and offer unique equipment for experiments, analysis or simulations.

Environment and risks

The environment and risks experimental platform is dedicated to studying natural gravity-driven phenomena such as mud flows, avalanches or landslides, and better understanding the mechanical behaviour of building materials and infrastructures submitted to strong or recurring constrains. The scientific approach includes studies carried out from the micro scale up to the whole structure.

Process engineering

The collaborative research platform PEI, dedicated to clean technologies and industrial processes, brings together students, researchers and industrials in an environment likely to favour the connexions between them.


Our mechanobiology platform is dedicated to the study of mechanical interactions within biological systems, from the cell scale to the tissue. Our research focuses on biophysical phenomena such as cell adhesion, migration, growth and morphology, and the interactions with fluid dynamics.


Our scientific equipment and expertise are accessible to industry through collaborative research projects dealing with our main research axis.