Tec 21 Research strategy and objectives

Tec 21's research strategy focuses on addressing complex problems that are relevant to important societal issues. Our objective is to create advanced reliable simulation tools for engineers and to develop new technologies based on increased understanding. 


Three main research themes are supported:

Coupling fluid and solid mechanics

Fluid and solid mechanical couplings are known to play a pivotal role in the dynamical response of packed non-saturated materials (sediments, granular materials, geomaterials...) and of their long term evolution (confinement issues, crack propagation, durability of concrete...) They are also essential in dense suspensions (suspended sediments, mud flows, avalanches ...), anisotropic fibrous media (like paper), porous media where rheological behaviour is still poorly understood.

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Coupling fluid mechanics with bio-physical phenomena at micro scale

In order to incorporate bio-physico-chemical phenomena in continuous mechanics, further developments of simulation in fluid mechanics and transport phenomena is necessary. This implies a better understanding of  turbulence, mixing, multiphase flows with fluid-fluid and/or fluid-solid interfaces including heat and mass transfer (as implied in phase change), as well as complex couplings between flow and phenomena arising at a very small scale and being both physical (e.g., adsorption on interfaces in flotation), chemical (e.g., reactions that arise at the molecular level and micro-mixing issues) or biochemical (e.g., biomass-flow couplings in bioreactor).

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Engineering for human health

To understand the extraordinary complexity of biological processes, a multidisciplinary and multi-scale approach is required. The combination of mechanical, physical and biological/biomedical approaches should provide solutions to some major public health issues as well as to designing new medical devices and biomaterials.

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