2013 projects

Biorefinery in a pulp mill: use of wood-based hemicelluloses for the production of oligomers for food and health applications


PI: Christine Chirat (LGP2)

Partners: LGP2, CHU Grenoble

Numerical simulation of turbulent mixing by a hybrid method combining finite-volume and Lagrangian schemes


PI: Guillaume Balarac (LEGI)

Partners: LEGI, Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann (Univ. Grenoble Alpes)

Co-funding: Tec21, Université Grenoble Alpes

Phototaxis and new methods for the concentration of microalgae suspensions


PI: Philippe Peyla (LIPhy)



Advanced measuring technique for the dynamic testing of concrete


PI: Pascal Forquin (3SR)

Partners: 3SR, Materials Group (University of Southampton, UK)


Numerical modelling of the behaviour of cellulose fibres in a fluid flow


PI: Pierre Dumont (LGP2)

Partners: LGP2, LEGI, 3SR, LRP

Co-funding: Tec21, CNRS

Hydrodynamic conditions and structural organisation in the deposit during cross flow membrane separation process assisted by ultrasound


PI: Frédéric Pignon (LRP)

Partners: LRP, LGP2

Temperature measurements using fluorescent nano-particles: application to the study of thermal effects in turbulent cavitating flows


PI: Frédéric Ayela (LEGI)

Partners: LEGI, Institut Lumière Matière (Lyon)

Biocompatible multimembrane hydrogels as pulse-like drug delivery systems


PI: Ning Lin (post-doc)

Partners: LGP2, LRP, Department of Pharmaco Chemistry (Grenoble)

X-ray microtomography of bacterial biofilms


PI: Sabine Rolland du Roscoat (3SR)

Partners: 3SR, LEGI, LTHE, LRP


Modelling of internal erosion by suffusion in soils


PI: Luc Sibille (3SR)

Partners: 3SR, The Institute for Civil Engineering and Mechanics (Nantes, France)


Fluid-structure interaction in cavitation erosion

Long visitor

PI: Marc Fivel (SIMAP)

Partners: SIMAP, LEGI, University of Michigan (USA)


Stimuli responsive nanocellulose-based matrices for differentiating cell growth

Long visitor

PI: Johan Foster (Adolf Merkle Institute)

Partners: LGP2, Adolf Merkle Institute (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)


Innovative multiscale approach for modelling localised failure in unsaturated porous media

Long visitor

PI: Claudio Tamagnini (University of Perugia, Italy)

Partners: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (University of Perugia, Italy), 3SR


Microcirculatory dynamics of blood

Short visitor

PI: Thomas Podgorski (LIPhy)

Partners: LIPhy, Institute of Solid State Physics (Bulgarian Academy of Science), University Hospital of Grenoble, French Blood Bank (EFS)

Link between the macroscopic behaviour and the micro-structural changes in partially saturated sand studied by X-ray tomography

Short visitor

PI: Yosuke Higo (Kyoto University, Japan)

Partners: Department of Urban Management (Kyoto University, Japan), 3SR

A new conceptual mixing strategy for micro mixers

Short visitor

PI: Lyazid Djenidi (University of New Castle, Australia)

Partners: Department of Mechanical Engineering (University of New Castle, Australia), LEGI

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