Further to our call for proposals, PhD and post-doc positions, as well as internship positions are open.

PhD positions

Published Jun. 03, 2020 - Dead line: 10 July

Dynamics of particles on solar farms under turbulent environmental conditions (LEGI / Portland State Univ.)
TEC21 PhD position_dynamics of particles
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Published Jun. 03, 2020 - Deadline: 30 June

Investigation of interactions between debris flows and obstacles through coupled DEM-SPH modelling (INRAE Grenoble / 3SR)
TEC21_ PhDpositionPitonRichefeuEnV1-1.pd
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Published Jun. 03, 2020 - Deadline: 10 July

Inertial particle dynamics in the turbulent / non-turbulent interface (LEGI / Univ. Washington)
TEC21_PhD position_inertial particle dyn
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Published Apr. 27, 2020 - Deadline: 8 June

Separation and valorisation of materials from printed on paper electronic devices (LGP2 / LEPMI)
Offre de These_SAVE English.pdf
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Published Apr. 24, 2020

Evaluation of the lifetime of power transformers by modelling the ageing of paper (EDF / ENEDIS / LGP2)
OffreDeThese EDF 15 avril 2020.pdf
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Post Doc positions

Published May 13, 2020

Computer modelling of viscoelastic core shell droplets (LRP / LEGI)
Postdoctoral position_Tec21_2020.docx
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