2014 projects


Multiscale characterisation of weak snow layer mechanical behaviour


PI: Guillaume Chambon (INRAE Grenoble)

Co-funding: Tec21, INRAE Grenoble

Experimental and numerical approach to the spalling of high-performance concrete due to fire


PI: Stefano Dal Pont (3SR)

Partners: 3SR, Structural Engineering Laboratory (EMPA, Switzerland)

Fibrous substitutes of laryngeal biomechanical oscillators


PI: Lucie Bailly (3SR)

Partners: 3SR, GIPSA-Lab, CHU Grenoble

Concepts and developments for pure cellulose production from recycled boards


PI: Gérard Mortha (LGP2)

Jumps in granular flows down inclines


PI: Thierry Faug (INRAE Grenoble)

Partners: INRAE Grenoble, School of Civil Engineering (University of Sydney, Australia)

Co-funding: Tec21, University of Sydney

Forces inferred from macroscopic loading and grain motion


PI: Vincent Richefeu (3SR)

Simulations of heat transfer with liquid-vapor phase change and heater wetting properties


PI: Giovanni Ghigliotti (LEGI)

Partners: LEGI, Institut Lumière Matière (Lyon, France)

Long term visitors' projects

The mechanics of embryonic epithelia


PI: Jocelyn Etienne (LIPhy)

Partners: LIPhy, Department of Physiology Development and Neurosciences (University of Cambridge, UK)

Hydro mechanics of reservoir rocks studied by quantitative in situ neutron imaging


PI: Cino Viggiani (3SR)

Partners: 3SR, Division of solid mechanics (University of Lund, Sweden)

Gravity currents over complex terrain


PI: Eletta Negretti (LEGI)

Partners: LEGI, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, INRAE Grenoble

Short term visitors' projects

Ability of seeds to tolerate desiccation and rehydration - 3D in situ analyse based on X-ray tomography


PI: Sarah Mathews (Harvard University, UK)

Partners: Department of Organism and Evolutionary Biology (Harvard University, UK), CSIRO (Australia), LGP2


Hydro-mechanical couplings in unsaturated media studied at the grain's scale


PI: Simon Salager (3SR)

Partners: 3SR, Department of Urban Management (University of Kyoto, Japan)

Numerical study of a thermoelectric effect during the solidification of metallic alloys


PI: Olga Budenkova (SIMAP)

Partners: SIMAP EPM

Collective effects in the transport of large particles in a turbulent flow


PI: Mamadou Cissé (LEGI)

Partners: LEGI, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), Laboratoire J. L. Lagrange (Université Côté d'Azur, Nice, France), Laboratoire de Physique (ENS Lyon)

Amoeboid motion of immune system cells


PI: Chaouqi Misbah (LIPhy)

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