Engineering solutions for the 21st century's increasingly complex challenges

In the last 30 years there has been an extraordinary increase in simulation and modeling tools used by design engineers, decision makers and public services. Research in mechanical and process engineering has provided a significant contribution to progress in these areas.

Today's scientific and technological challenges arise from new issues: sustainable development, alternative resource management, green technologies, environmental impact reduction, risk management, health care... The ambition of Tec21 "Laboratoire d'Excellence" is to take a step further in the understanding of the complex mechanisms involved in materials, in industrial processes, in environmental phenomena, as well as in living organisms.

Tec21 in 2'10''

Tec21 brings together 7 laboratories and research units in Grenoble.

With 250 permanent scientists and technicians specialised in fluid and solid mechanics, soft matter physics and process engineering, we develop experimental and numerical tools to study the multiphysic and multi-scale phenomena at the heart of industrial processes, materials and natural phenomena.

The objective of our Laboratory of Excellence is to improve the understanding of the behaviour of these complex systems to meet the new challenges of the 21st century and contribute to innovation in the fields of energy management and conservation, propulsion and aerospace, process engineering, civil engineering, environmental management and natural risks assessement, biorefinery, and health.

Tec21 works to tighten the links between research, education and industry

  • We gather new knowledge and understanding, develop new concepts and methods, and improve measurement as well as simulation capabilities
  • We give rise to educational multidisciplinary programs providing practical experience
  • We work towards solutions having direct industrial and environmental applications

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Published in 2018


Voice in sight!

Researchers from the 3SR Lab have released the first 3D images of the human vocal folds thanks to high-resolution synchrotron X-ray microtomography coupled with a phase retrieval technique

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In this project, the reserachers from the LIPhy and their colleagues from the LRP try to use the bioluminescence produced by a micro-algae, as a stress sensor in complex fluids

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