Tec 21 community is strongly involved in education from the first university years up to engineering degree and PhD level.

 Within Tec 21, our main goals are to:


  • expand our teaching program in relation to the most recent advances in research as well as with industrial demand, in order to equip students for dealing with complexity in their future career,
  • introduce student training periods oriented towards research and development activities in close connection with industrial projects in various application areas.

We organise a winter school dedicated to tackling complexity in engineering, as well as new educational modules based on up-to-date multi-scale approaches developed in partner laboratories.

The university and the engineering schools in Grenoble are jointly developing a new educational offer which prepares students for today's complex challenges. This offer will be based on studying advanced prototypes and equipment, using experiments, measuring techniques, and simulations. Ten high-tech lab courses dealing with our main research areas are open to students.

PhD level

Some PhD grants have been made available in relation to Tec 21's selected research projects. All PhD positions are connected to the 3 main doctoral schools IMEP², TUE and Physics.


You can browse our available PhD positions.

Master II level

Pre-doc scolarships have been created to attract good students and to help them prepare their second year of master in Grenoble (see the table below for the eligible master programmes).

The procedure for application to our scholarships is specified here.

Master specialisation


 Fluid Mechanics and Energetics Description English
Fluides, Transferts et Procédés Avancés Description (FR) French 
Geomechanics, Civil Engineering and Risks  Description English 
Simulation et Instrumentation en Mécanique Description French 
MSE: Biorefinery and Biomaterials Description English 
Hydraulic and Civil Engineering Description English 
Génie des Procédés et des Bioprocédés Description (FR) French
Exploration du vivant et de l'environnement - EVE    French
Physique de la matière condensée et du rayonnement    French
Nanosciences and nanotechnologies Description English


Internships are financed to initiate collaborations with the industry on specific topics directly related to applications.


The multidisciplinary and multi-scale approach developed within our community will contribute to the creation of better tools for engineers and decision makers. The integration of these new methods in research-driven education programs is essential to train the students in engineering sciences and prepare them to deal with increasingly complex technical problems.


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