About us

About us

Tec21 is the laboratoire d'excellence for mechanical and process engineering.

Our scientific community regroups 9 research laboratories located in Grenoble (France). Tec21 has been selected as a “Laboratoire d'Excellence (LabEx)” and is supported by IdeX Univ. Grenoble Alpes for the 2025-2032 period ad part of the “France 2030” programme.

We develop research and education activities as well as collaborations with industrial partners. Our goal is to promote an interdisciplinary approach to science and strenghten the connexions between research and applications through education, for a greater socio-economic impact.

We believe that working together towards an innovative multidisciplinary approach to science is essential to tackle challenging questions, as well as to develop new solutions for engineering applications.


9 research laboratories

250 permanent researchers and technicians


Since 2012:

40 PhD projects funded

30 post-doc projects funded

30 foreign visitors welcomed

45 master scholarships granted

40 internships funded

5 winter schools organised

Total investment: 9 M€


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