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▪ Scientific Conference

Published November, 2013

Fed3G and MaiMoSiNE federations get together and organise a scientific conference on “wetting, dewetting and impregnation.”

Invited speakers from all over France will give an up-to-date insight into scientific developments within this area and present their most recent work.

To find more about the participants, the program and registration, please browse the Fed3G web site.

▪ Master Thesis Defenses

Published September, 2013


The last two master students granted by Tec 21 for the university year 2012-2013 will defend their master thesis on Thursday 5 at the Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and Graphic Arts (LGP2). As part of the Biorefinery master program, they both carried out their research internship under the supervision of researchers from the LGP2, on topics dealing with biotransformation and processing of vegetal biomass.

▪ Long Term Visitor

Published July, 2013

As part of its research initiatives, Tec 21 is soon welcoming Pr. Alberto Aliseda from the University of Washington, for a long visitor stay in association to a PhD project.

Starting next September, Alberto Aliseda (link to his CV) will be hosted in the premises of the laboratory LEGI, where he will be the principal investigator and the supervisor of a PhD project entitled: “Particle Clustering in Turbulence: inertial dynamics and resulting turbulence-induced accumulation, enhanced settling and collision/coalescence.”

This work is expected to tackle some important issues relating to droplets collisions and sedimentation as occurring in rain formation processes or in fossil fuels deposition.

Alberto Aliseda will work in close relation with researchers from Tec 21, Alain Cartellier and Mickaël Bourgoin, who will co-supervise the PhD project. Part of this long visitor grant has been co-financed by the UJF.

▪ Master Students

Published July, 2013

Three Master students, financed via Tec 21 for the university year 2012 – 2013, have passed their final exams and successfully defended their Master thesis.

After an autumn semester of classes in Grenoble, each began his research internship in one of our partner laboratories, one of which involved collaboration with a foreign University, and all three produced very interesting results. This experience gave them their first steps in research and the opportunity to start forming links with other researchers. One is now planning to return to his home country and put his new diploma and experience towards the formation of a company. For the other two, it is very likely that they will study for their doctorates abroad, in co-supervision with a researcher from Tec 21.

We wish them the best in their future careers and we will certainly keep in touch with them.

▪ Workshop

Published June, 2013

Tec 21 organises a workshop on Biorefinery, fuid mechanics and modelling to gather the scientific community involved in bio-processes, fluid mechanics and modeling, and raise collaborations around the main obstacles and issues of biorefinery and bio-transformations.

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▪ Internship in Biorefinery

Published May, 2013

As part of a collaboration between the Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and the Experimental Recombinant Therapeutics department of the CHU Grenoble, an internship was recently granted to investigate the potential for lignocellulosic biomass valorisation in pharmacochemistry. This project is expected to raise long term collaborations with specialists in enzymology, on biomass transformation and biorefinery, one of our key research axis.


▪ Recruitment

Published March, 2013


Tec 21 welcomes its Business Developer

On the 1st of March 2013, Mathieu TILQUIN has been recruited as Tec 21’s Partnership Manager and Business Developer. After a PhD in Ecology and 3 years of experience as a Post-Doc researcher, Mathieu has worked for 6 years as a Project Manager in Floralis, the Technology Transfer subsidiary company of the University Joseph Fourier ( As part of Tec 21, his mission is to promote the activity of the Labex towards both academic institutions and private companies, with the objective of ensuring Tec 21’s visibility amongst the key actors of the domain, and raising new partnerships and collaborations.



▪ 2013, February

The peer review process for the first wave of Tec 21’s PhD and Post Doc fellowships is now in progress


After a first round of selection, Tec 21 has recently sent the proposals to international experts for a multi criteria review. The final decision is to be rendered by the end of April.


▪ 2012, December

The first calls for proposals are now open


The later include:

  • In research: PhD and Post-Doc fellowships as well as visitors grants (Call for proposals),
  • In education: Pre-doc grants for students willing to prepare their second master year in Grenoble (Pre-doc grants 2013). 

▪ 2012, October│19

The first Scientific Council of Tec 21 was held in Oct. 19, 2012


Following a presentation of Tec 21 organisation and objectives, external members were invited to provide their appreciation on the research topics planned to be reinforced, on the content of the educational project as well as on the strategy proposed by Tec 21 to further enhance collaborations with industries. The Scientific Council validated the content of the call for proposals for the year 2012: that call will be opened by mid November.


▪ 2012, September│18

First Steering Commitee meeting


The Steering Committee meeting held on Sept.18, 2012 agreed on the content of the call for proposals to be launched by the end of 2012, as well as on the highest priority research targets. Further, the strategy for developping collaborations with industry was debatted.


▪ 2012, September│14

Tec 21 kick-off meeting


The kick-off meeting of Tec 21 took place on Sept. 14 in the IRSTEA amphitheater in Grenoble, in presence of Farid Ouabdesselam, President of the PRES Grenoble University , Patrick Lévy, President of the University Joseph Fourier ; Frédéric Dufour, Scientific Director at Grenoble-INP (engineering schools) ; Jean-Philippe Torterotot, Director of the "Waters" department at IRSTEA ; Michel Crastes from the CNRS - Alp delegation and Evelyne Mauret, Director of the laboratory LGP2 representing the Agefpi.


More than 80 participants gathered to share Tec 21 objectives and organisation. Besides, the Tec 21 road map in research, education and transfer to applications was thoroughly discussed.

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