On the "3rd of June, Tec 21 organises a workshop on Biorefinery, fuid mechanics and modelling

The aim of this day is to gather the scientific community involved in bio-processes, fluid mechanics and modeling, to discuss the main issues of biorefinery and bio-transformations and raise collaborations within Tec21 perimeter.


Researchers from the LGP2 will give an overview of the main challenges regarding modelling, cellulose nanofibrils and biomass transformation.


From then on, three brainstorming sessions will be organised to discuss these themes with small groups of researchers from other laboratories and raise new collaborations.


In the end, a synthesis will be presented to summarise the emerging projects opportunities, the most significant connexions betweens research groups, and the actions to be carried out.

Through this workshop, Tec21 wishes to build up its road map for biorefinery.


The workshop will be held at the LGP2.


Mathieu Tilquin



Programme of the day
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