As part of Tec 21 training program, the LGP2 is looking for a Master student to work on the question of nanocrystals preparation and purification from biomass.

Current processes involve the acid hydrolysis of the raw material to solubilise the amorphous matrix and isolate the crystalline fraction. At the end of this treatment, a long sequence of purification steps is necessary to separate the nanocrystals from the acid medium and collect a clean suspension. The researchers from the Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Sciences have worked on the coupling of microfiltration and acid hydrolysis to develop a continuous process for the online preparation and washing of nanocrystals fractions.


The aim of this internship is to optimise this coupling strategy and enhance the efficiency of the process in an industrial perspective.


Agnès Guillet


Laboratoire de Génie des Procédés Papetiers