2020 R&D projects

Menstruation: development of a sanitary towel made of banana tree fibres


Student: Julia Pescheux-Sergienko

Supervisors: Raphaël Passas (LGP2) and Didier Florian (Nepals e.V)

Use of Cyrène for the hydrodynamic exfoliation of graphene


Student: Yasmine Mouhda

Supervisor: Frédéric Ayela (LEGI)

Scale effects and runout statistics
of rock falls


Student: Nayib Wessin Hazim

Supervisors: Dominique Daudon (3SR), Frédérique Leblanc (LJK) and Franck Bourrier (INRAE)

Tunable gas turbulence for gas-assisted liquid atomisation


Student: Carlos Alonso Perez Fernandez

Supervisor: Nathanaël Machicoane (LEGI)

A new ultrasound assisted filtration module: experimental and numerical study

Student: Mahsa Khatir

Supervisor: Nicolas Hengl (LRP)

Printing of thermoelectric devices on PET backing cards for the fabrication of multifunctional lateral flow devices for biomedical diagnosis

Student: Ramy Moumneh

Supervisor: Davide Beneventi & Aurore Denneulin (LGP2)


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