Funded R&D projects

2015 - 2016 R&D Internships

For confidentiality reasons, the detailed descriptions of the projects and the industrial partners are not available online

Enhancing supramolecular interactions in aromatic containing polymer / cellulose nanocrystal nanocomposites


Intern: Emile Rivoire

Supervisors: Julien Bras (LGP2) & Johan Foster (Virginia Tech.)

Dispersion and time of transit of red blood cells in capillaries: towards a new method for the analytical fractionation of a red blood cells population

Intern: Sylvain Losserand

Supervisor: Thomas Podgorski (LIPhy)


Nanocrystals inter-cross linking in materials for barrier or sealability properties or hydrogels for medical applications

Intern: Manon Le Gars

Supervisors: Julien Bras (LGP2) & Emlily Cranston (McMaster University)

Analysis of the behaviour of swimming algae in a microfluidic system in presence of obstacles

Intern: Marvin Brun Cosme Bruni

Supervisors: Salima Rafaï & Philippe Peyla (LIPhy)

Design and production of thermoplastic composite materials for 3D printing


Intern: Antonio Vulcano

Supervisor: Davide Beneventi (LGP2)

Hydrodynamics of a pneumatic agitator for methanisation processes


Intern: Habib Loum

Supervisor: Albert Magnin (LRP)