2017 - 2018 R&D Internships

For confidentiality reasons, the detailed descriptions of the projects and the industrial partners are not available online

In situ characterisation of liquifiable soils: validation of a new testing device

Francesco Celeste

Supervisor: Luc Sibille (3SR)

Using alpine plants for the production of nano-celluloses

Loreleï Douard

Supervisors: Julien Bras & Fleur Rol (LGP2)



Role of interfacial properties on the motion of confined bubbles in model porous media

Luis Carlos Morocho Rosero

Supervisor: Hugues Bodiguel (LRP)

Direct 3D printing on thermoplastic objects

Joseph Samman

Supervisor: Nadège Reverdy-Bruas (LGP2)

Agitation and mixing of cellulose nanofibrils: a new measuring tool

Ngene Gloria

Supervisors: Gérard Mortha & Jean-Claude Roux (LGP2)

Regolith from asteroids: formation and evolution

Dang Khoa Pham

Supervisors: Gioacchino Viggiani & Robert Peyroux (3SR)