2018 publications

 Ying Shao, Chamseddine Guizani, Philippe Grosseau, Didier Chaussy, and Davide Beneventi. Use of lignocellulosic materials and 3D printing for the development of structured monolithic carbon materials. COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING, 149: 206–215, SEP 15 2018.


Dorjan Dauti, Alessandro Tengattini, Stefano Dal Pont, Nikolajs Toropovs, Matthieu Briffaut, and Benedikt Weber. Analysis of moisture migration in concrete at high temperature through in-situ neutron tomography. CEMENT AND CONCRETE RESEARCH, 111: 41–55, SEP 2018.


Fleur Rol, Gabriel Banvillet, Valerie Meyer, Michel Petit-Conil, and Julien Bras. Combination of twin-screw extruder and homogenizer to produce high-quality nanofibrillated cellulose with low energy consumption. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 53(17): 12604–12615, SEP 2018.


Rim Baati, Ayman Ben Mabrouk, Albert Magnin, and Sami Boufi. CNFs from twin screw extrusion and high pressure homogenization: A comparative study. CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS, 195: 321–328, SEP 1 2018.


Lucas Dollie, Gerard Mortha, and Nathalie Marlin. Modeling kraft cooking kinetics of fiber mixes from TMP and unbleached kraft pulps for assessment of old corrugated cardboard delignification. HOLZFORSCHUNG, 72(8): 621–629, AUG 2018.


Pascal Forquin, Gilles Rossiquet, Jean-Luc Zinszner, and Benjamin Erzar. Microstructure influence on the fragmentation properties of dense silicon carbides under impact. MECHANICS OF MATERIALS, 123: 59–76, AUG 2018.


D. E. M. Bouhjiti, M. C. Blasone, J. Baroth, F. Dufour, B. Masson, and S. Michel-Ponnelle. Statistical modelling of cracking in large concrete structures under Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical loads: Application to Nuclear Containment Buildings. Part 2: Sensitivity analysis. NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, 334: 1–23, AUG 1 2018.


Gergely Molnar, David Rodney, Florian Martoia, Pierre J. J. Dumont, Yoshiharu Nishiyama, Karim Mazeau, and Laurent Orgeas. Cellulose crystals plastify by localized shear. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 115(28): 7260–7265, JUL 10 2018.


Victoria Krasnoshlyk, Sabine Rolland du Roscoat, Pierre J. J. Dumont, Per Isaksson, Edward Ando, and Anne Bonnin. Three-dimensional visualization and quantification of the fracture mechanisms in sparse fibre networks using multiscale X-ray microtomography. PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES, 474(2215), JUL 2018.


Amira Errokh, Albert Magnin, Jean-Luc Putaux, and Sami Boufi. Morphology of the nanocellulose produced by periodate oxidation and reductive treatment of cellulose fibers. CELLULOSE, 25(7): 3899–3911, JUL 2018.


D. E. M. Bouhjiti, M. Boucher, M. Briffaut, F. Dufour, J. Baroth, and B. Masson. Accounting for realistic Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical boundary conditions whilst modeling the ageing of concrete in nuclear containment buildings: Model validation and sensitivity analysis. ENGINEERING STRUCTURES, 166: 314–338, JUL 1 2018.


D. E-M. Bouhjiti, J. Baroth, M. Briffaut, F. Dufour, and B. Masson. Statistical modeling of cracking in large concrete structures under ThermoHydro-Mechanical loads: Application to Nuclear Containment Buildings. Part 1: Random field effects (reference analysis). NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, 333: 196–223, JUL 2018.


Uwe Thiele, Jacco H. Snoeijer, Sarah Trinschek, and Karin John. Equilibrium Contact Angle and Adsorption Layer Properties with Surfactants. LANGMUIR, 34(24): 7210–7221, JUN 19 2018.


M. Tatin, M. Briffaut, F. Dufour, A. Simon, and J. P. Fabre. Statistical modelling of thermal displacements for concrete dams: Influence of water temperature profile and dam thickness profile. ENGINEERING STRUCTURES, 165: 63–75, JUN 15 2018.


Sarah Trinschek, Karin John, and Uwe Thiele. Modelling of surfactantdriven front instabilities in spreading bacterial colonies. SOFT MATTER, 14(22): 4464–4476, JUN 14 2018.


Diego M. Nascimento, Yana L. Nunes, Maria C. B. Figueiredo, Henriette M. C. de Azeredo, Fauze A. Aouada, Judith P. A. Feitosa, Morsyleide F. Rosa, and Alain Dufresne. Nanocellulose nanocomposite hydrogels: technological and environmental issues. GREEN CHEMISTRY, 20(11): 2428– 2448, JUN 7 2018.


Karthik Periyasamy, Laishram Santhalembi, Gerard Mortha, Marc Aurousseau, Agnes Boyer, and Sivanesan Subramanian. Bioconversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Fermentable Sugars by Immobilized Magnetic Cellulolytic Enzyme Cocktails. LANGMUIR, 34(22): 6546–6555, JUN 5 2018.


Nathaniel T. Baker, Alban Potherat, Laurent Davoust, and Francois Debray. Inverse and Direct Energy Cascades in Three-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence at Low Magnetic Reynolds Number. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 120(22), JUN 1 2018.


P. D. Huck, C. Bateson, R. Volk, A. Cartellier, M. Bourgoin, and A. Aliseda. The role of collective effects on settling velocity enhancement for inertial particles in turbulence. JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, 846: 1059–1075, MAY 11 2018.


Mohamad Yehya, Edward Ando, Frederic Dufour, and Alessandro Tengattini. Fluid-flow measurements in low permeability media with high pressure gradients using neutron imaging: Application to concrete. NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION A-ACCELERATORS SPECTROMETERS DETECTORS AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT, 890: 35–42, MAY 11 2018.


Charlene Reverdy, Naceur Belgacem, Maziar Sedighi Moghaddam, Mikael Sundin, Agne Swerin, and Julien Bras. One-step superhydrophobic coating using hydrophobized cellulose nanofibrils. COLLOIDS AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS, 544: 152–158, MAY 5 2018.




V. Krasnoshlyk, S. Rolland du Roscoat, P. J. J. Dumont, and P. Isaksson. Influence of the local mass density variation on the fracture behavior of fiber network materials. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES, 138: 236–244, MAY 1 2018.


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Marcos Mariano, Nadia El Kissi, and Alain Dufresne. Cellulose nanomaterials: size and surface influence on the thermal and rheological behavior. POLIMEROS-CIENCIA E TECNOLOGIA, 28(2): 93–102, APRJUN 2018.


Samuel Mer, Jean-Paul Thibault, and Christophe Corre. Influence of Noncondensable Gases on Thermodynamic Control On-Ground Experiments Using a Substitute Fluid. JOURNAL OF THERMAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS, 10(2), APR 2018.


Ying Shao, Chamseddine Guizani, Philippe Grosseau, Didier Chaussy, and Davide Beneventi. Biocarbons from microfibrillated cellulose/lignosulfonate precursors: A study of electrical conductivity development during slow pyrolysis. CARBON, 129: 357–366, APR 2018.


Jean-Philippe Matas, Antoine Delon, and Alain Cartellier. Shear instability of an axisymmetric air-water coaxial jet. JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, 843: 575–600, MAR 23 2018.


Yara Abidine, Andrei Constantinescu, Valerie M. Laurent, Vinoth Sundar Rajan, Richard Michel, Valentin Laplaud, Alain Duperray, and Claude Verdier. Mechanosensitivity of Cancer Cells in Contact with Soft Substrates Using AFM. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 114(5): 1165–1175, MAR 13 2018.


J. Doreau-Malioche, G. Combe, G. Viggiani, and J. B. Toni. Shaft friction changes for cyclically loaded displacement piles: an X-ray investigation. GEOTECHNIQUE LETTERS, 8(1): 66–72, MAR 2018.


Fanny Rasschaert, Emeline Talansier, Didier Bleses, Albert Magnin, and Maud Lambert. Packaging of Yield Stress Fluids: Flow Patterns. AICHE JOURNAL, 64(3): 1117–1126, MAR 2018.


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R. Aboul Hosn, L. Sibille, N. Benahmed, and B. Chareyre. A discrete numerical model involving partial fluid-solid coupling to describe suffusion effects in soils. COMPUTERS AND GEOTECHNICS, 95: 30–39, MAR 2018.


Sami Boufi, Sihem Bel Haaj, Albert Magnin, Frederic Pignon, Marianne Imperor-Clerc, and Gerard Mortha. Ultrasonic assisted production of starch nanoparticles: Structural characterization and mechanism of disintegration. ULTRASONICS SONOCHEMISTRY, 41: 327–336, MAR 2018.


Megan Smyth, Chris Rader, Julien Bras, and E. Johan Foster. Characterization and mechanical properties of ultraviolet stimuli-responsive functionalized cellulose nanocrystal alginate composites. JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, 135(7), FEB 15 2018.


Alain Dufresne. Cellulose nanomaterials as green nanoreinforcements for polymer nanocomposites. PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES, 376(2112), FEB 13 2018.


Lisias Pereira Novo, Julien Bras, Mohamed Naceur Belgacem, and Antonio Aprigio da Silva Curvelo. Pulp and Paper from Sugarcane: Properties of Rind and Core Fractions. JOURNAL OF RENEWABLE MATERIALS, 6(2): 160–168, FEB 2018.


Elsa Walger, Nathalie Marlin, Florian Molton, and Gerard Mortha. Study of the Direct Red 81 Dye/Copper(II)-Phenanthroline System. MOLECULES, 23(2), FEB 2018.


Daniele Oliveira de Castro, Nicolas Tabary, Bernard Martel, Alessandro Gandini, Naceur Belgacem, and Julien Bras. Controlled release of carvacrol and curcumin: bio-based food packaging by synergism action of TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanocrystals and cyclodextrin. CELLULOSE, 25(2): 1249–1263, FEB 2018.


Tijan Mede, Guillaume Chambon, Pascal Hagenmuller, and Francois Nicot. Amedial axis based method for irregular grain shape representation in DEM simulations. GRANULAR MATTER, 20(1), FEB 2018.


Z. Karatza, E. Ando, S. A. Papanicolopulos, J. Y. Ooi, and G. Viggiani. Evolution of deformation and breakage in sand studied using X-ray tomography. GEOTECHNIQUE, 68(2): 107–117, FEB 2018.


F. Tricot, C. Venet, D. Beneventi, D. Curtil, D. Chaussy, T. P. Vuong, J. E. Broquin, and N. Reverdy-Bruas. Fabrication of 3D conductive circuits: print quality evaluation of a direct ink writing process. RSC ADVANCES, 8(46): 26036–26046, 2018.


Jules Delacroix, Laurent Davoust, and Kevin Patouillet. Low Rm magnetohydrodynamics as a means of measuring the surface shear viscosity of a liquid metal: A first attempt on Galinstan. REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, 89(1), JAN 2018.


Zhen Cheng, Tian-Jian Hsu, and Julien Chauchat. An Eulerian two-phase model for steady sheet flow using large-eddy simulation methodology. ADVANCES IN WATER RESOURCES, 111: 205–223, JAN 2018.


Zhen Cheng, Julien Chauchat, Tian-Jian Hsu, and Joseph Calantoni. Eddy interaction model for turbulent suspension in Reynolds-averaged Euler-Lagrange simulations of steady sheet flow. ADVANCES IN WATER RESOURCES, 111: 435–451, JAN 2018.


Megan Smyth, Marie-Stella M’Bengue, Maxime Terrien, Catherine Picart, Julien Bras, and E. Johan Foster. The effect of hydration on the material and mechanical properties of cellulose nanocrystal-alginate composites. CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS, 179: 186–195, JAN 1 2018.


Maria Cecilia Condes, Maria Cristina Anon, Alain Dufresne, and Adriana Noemi Mauri. Composite and nanocomposite films based on amaranth biopolymers. FOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS, 74: 159–167, JAN 2018.


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