2020 - 2021 scholars

Mindhun Puthumana Melepattu
(Université Grenoble Alpes)


Internship project: Microparticles deformation and damage in microfluidics chambers
Supervisor: Clément de Loubens (LRP)

Master programme: Fluid Mechanics and Energetics

Toma Palecek
(University of Belgrade, Serbia)

Internship project: Characterisation of bio-based polymers (nano particles and / or films) for self-healing materials

Supervisor: Nadia El Kissi (LRP)

Master programme: Fluid Mechanics and Energetics

Nesrin Akel
(Lebanese University, Faculty of Engineering, Tripoli, Lebanon)

Internship project: Chemo-hydro-mechanical response of carbonation of recycle concrete aggregate observed through X-ray and neutron imaging

Supervisors: Matthieu Briffaut (3SR)
Master programme: Geomechanics, civil engineering and risks

Mostafa Shehata
(Grenoble INP)


Internship project: Towards improving avalanche barriers and deflectors efficiency for powder-snow avalanches
Supervisors: Marie Rastello (LEGI)
Master programme: Hydraulic and civil engineering

Laura Vanessa Giraldo Isaza
(Univ. Autonoma de Occidente, Cali, Colombia)


Internship project: Cellulose composite aerogels for highly efficient electromagnetic interference shielding
Supervisors: Ge Zhu and Alain Dufresne (LGP2)
Master programme: MSE Biorefinery and biomaterials

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