2012 - 2013 scholars

Manuel Vidal

(Australian Univ. of Chile)


Internship project: Evaluation of the time variation of the soil-structure interaction using permanent building array


Supervisor: Philippe Guéguen (ISTERRE)


Master programme: Geomechanics, Civil engineering and Risks

Stefanos Athanasopoulos

(NTUA, Athenes, Greece)


Internship project: Fluid migration and the cementation of bore holes



Supervisor: Carlos Santamarina (Georgia Tech)

Master programme: Geomechanics, Civil engineering and Risks

Hayssam Abdelsalam

(American Univ. Cairo, Egypt)


Internship project: Improvements of the statistical analysis (HSTT method) by means of the numerical modelling of cracked dams under hydrostatic loading

Supervisor: Frédéric Dufour (3SR)


Master programme: Hydraulic and Civil Engineering

Nagalaskshmaiah Malladi

(Annamalai University, India)


Internship project: Modifications of cellulose nanocrystals


Supervisor: Julien Bras (LGP2)

Master programme: Biorefinery

Peter Mponzi

(Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland)


Internship project: Study of ways to improve the fermentation of wood hydrolysates into ethanol

Supervisor: Christine Chirat (LGP2)

Master programme: Biorefinery

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