Resources for researchers

As a researcher you may be interested in:

Submitting your research project on Tec 21 call for proposals

Tec21 finances fundamental research projects in relation to its main research axis. Besides the scientific objectives, the idea is to reinforce the collaborations with external scientists (visitors' projects), and develop the interactions within the mechanical and process engineering scientific community in Grenoble (PhD and post-doc projetcs)

Receiving support for developing a proof of concept

Since 2014, Tec21 finances 3 to 6 months internships on projects having a potential for applications. This funding is dedicated to researchers from our partner laboratories who wish to take the first steps towards the valorisation of their work.

Receiving support for starting a new industrial collaboration

In order to help its researchers entering into a new collaboration with an industrial partner on new topics, Tec21 finances R&D projects and offers the environment to host such projects on the PEI platform dedicated to clean technologies

Installing your research project on our platform

The platform PEI offers a shared space for researchers to install their experimental set-up and carry out their research in brand new premises.