Dense flows

Educational objectives

The aim of this lab-course is to tackle the problem of the modeling of dense gravitational flows dynamics.

Dense avalanches of granular materials will be produced and analyzed with the help of a laboratory inclined plane equipped with advanced instrumentation: granular PIV, fringe projection, etc. The experimental granular avalanche-flows will then be reproduced by numerical simulations based on shallow-flow (Saint-Venant) equations.

The emphasis will be on comparing the propagation and the final stopping of laboratory and numerical avalanche-flows, with the objective of inferring the relevant rheological parameters of the studied granular fluid.

Module 1: Experimental study of a model granular flow on an incline (4 hrs)

Analyse of the behaviour using dedicated measurement techniques

4 hrs lab course

Teacher: Thierry Faug and Guillaume Chambon

Module 2: Numerical simulation of the granular flow (4hrs)

Assessment of the key parameters involved in the propagation using the "shallow-flow" model

4 hrs lab course

Teacher: Thierry Faug and Guillaume Chambon


Thierry FAUG


Guillaume Chambon


Mohamed Naaim



This lab-course is hosted in the premises of the IRSTEA Grenoble located at 2 rue de la papeterie on the campus