Educational objectives

The aim of this lab-course is to tackle the problem of the modeling of dense gravitational flows dynamics and the mitigation of avalanches. Dense flows of granular materials will be produced and analyzed with the help of two laboratory devices: a large inclined plane equipped with advanced instrumentation (granular PIV, fringe projection, etc.) and a reduced model with similar yet simplified instrumentation. Emphasis will be placed on the problem of abrupt variations of flow depths, velocity and density, namely granular jumps, that occur when granular flows impact walls. The laboratory tests will be backed up with theory and numerical simulations, with the objective of inferring the relevant rheological parameters of the studied granular fluid.

Module 1: Experimental study of a model granular flow on an incline (4 hrs)

Analyse of the behaviour using dedicated measurement techniques

4 hrs lab course

Teacher: Thierry Faug and Guillaume Chambon

Module 2: Numerical simulation of the granular flow (4hrs)

Assessment of the key parameters involved in the propagation using the "shallow-flow" model

4 hrs lab course

Teacher: Thierry Faug and Guillaume Chambon


Thierry FAUG



This lab-course is hosted in the premises of the INRAE Grenoble, located at 2 rue de la papeterie on the campus