Preparation and thermo-mechanical characterisation of bio-based polymers and composites

Educational objectives

The aim of this lab course is to give students a practical overview on the key steps to preparing bio-based composites and to highlight the importance of the relationships existing between the condition of processing and the final mechanical properties of the obtained materials.


The participants have the opportunity to experience the preparation of bio-based composites made of biodegradable polymer matrices and natural fibres, using different techniques such as twin-screw extrusion or thermopressing.

A number of mechanical testing techniques and characterisation methods are used to assess the properties of the final materials which are analysed in the light of the processing conditions.


This lab-course can be attended by L3 students with a general scientific background.

Module 1: two key processing techniques for bio-based composites

Prepare bio-based composites using twin screw extrusion and thermopressing

4 hrs lab course

Teachers: Marie Alix Berthet and Julien Bras

Module 2: Characterisation of the thermo-mechanical properties

Use different mechanical testing techniques to assess the features of the composites

4 hrs lab course

Teachers: Marie Alix Berthet and Julien Bras


Julien Bras



This lab-course is hosted in the premises of the Laboratory for Pulp and Paper Sciences (LGP2) located at 461 rue de la papeterie on the campus