Post-doc position: 3D mechanics of cells in complex fibrous media

The LIPhy in collaboration with the 3SR is seeking candidates with an academic background in cell biophysics and mechanobiology, and/or biomechanics of fibrous media to work at the interface between physics and biology.

Project summary

The forces generated by cells in complex environments play a key role in various physiological/pathological phenomena such as wound healing, cancer metastasis or embryogenesis. The objective of this project is to study cell migration in biological environments by studying the interactions between cells and the surrounding fibrous medium.


The person recruited will be in charge of:

  • the morphological characterization of several collagen networks at different concentrations, imaged with a confocal microscope, and at rest in a first step (e.g. quantification of the initial orientation and the volume fraction of the fibres).
  • the mechanical characterisation of the studied media using micromechanical tests (compression/shear) coupled with confocal microscopy. The deformation mechanisms of the fibrous networks will be studied using kinematic field measurements (DVC image correlation) and microstructure analyses. The mechanical behaviour of the different media will also be characterised using a nanoindenter and an AFM.
  • the analysis of cell migration in the different networks (quantification of fibre deformations during the different migration phases).


This project will benefit from an existing collaboration between researchers in the physics of biological systems, in imaging and in experimental and theoretical mechanics.

Location and practical aspects

The present job is a one year post-doctoral position.

The successful candidate will be hosted by the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique (LIPHY) - Grenoble, France  in the MC² team and by the Laboratoire Sols, Solides, Structures, Risques (3SR) - Grenoble, France in the CoMHet team.

The candidate will be employed under a 16-month fixed-term contract at the University of Grenoble Alpes.

The gross salary will be 2656 euros/months, equivalent to a net salary of 2134 euros/month.

Qualifications of the applicant

The candidate must hold a PhD at the physics/biology/mechanics interface, and have an academic background in cell biophysics and mechanobiology, and/or biomechanics of fibrous media with a strong motivation to work at the interface between physics and biology. Specific skills in microscopic imaging, structural characterisation of fibrous media and/or experimental mechanics of (bio)materials/soft gels will be highly appreciated.


Interested candidates should send their CV and cover letter to:

Valérie LAURENT, Professor - Assistant UGA : Mail:

Claude VERDIER, CNRS Research Director: Mail :

Lucie BAILLY, CNRS researcher: Mail : lucie.bailly@3sr-grenoble.f


Deadline for the application: 30 september 2022