Out of Labs

The 12th edition of the "Out of Labs" technology transfer challenge is launched: this year, Tec21 and the Carnot Polynat are associated to the event.

Since 2016, the technology transfer accelerator Linksium organises the Out of Labs Challenge in which researchers from Linksium partner institutions present their technology transfer projects and can be awarded a substantial financial support to develop their technology towards higher levels of maturity. In this 12th edition, Tec21 and the Carnot Polynat are invited to review the projects focusing on (bio)materials and innovative processes in order to propose their financial contribution depending on the maturity of the projects.

This association aims at leveraging the complementarities of the 3 structures with regards to technology transfer in order to consolidate the pipeline of valorisation support going from proof of concept to startup incubation.

The Out of Lab process

If you are a researcher, an engineer, a PhD student or a post-doc and you have research results that you would like to transfer to industry, go to the outoflabs.linksium.fr web page to submit your application under the form of a 10 slides presentation of your project (deadline for application: October 11), you will have a ten minutes slot to present your project to the jury on the 21st or the 22nd of October. If selected, you will be awarded a 16 months support to achieve the maturation phase of your project.

Complementarity between Linksium and Tec21

On this call, Linksium finances projects having reached a certain level of maturity. As a complementary tool, Tec21 finances "proof of concept" internships to help researchers strengthen their preliminary results and demonstrate the relevancy of their technology with regards to industrial applications, the first step upstream the actual maturation phase.

This complementarity between Linksium and Tec21 was observed on many occasions since the "proof of concept" call for proposals was launched in 2014. Among the almost 40 projects which benefited from a valorisation support from Tec21 so far, 8 of them have received funding and support from Linksium afterwards, some of them now being in the startup creation process or even already created.