From the 11th to the 15th of October 2021, the 7th international Polysaccharide Conference of the European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence (EPNOE) will be held in Nantes.

Created in 2009, the EPNOE conference is a major international event in polysaccharide science gathering the talents of worldwide industrial and academic actors in the field. The conference is held every two years on behalf of the EPNOE association, the Cellulose and Renewable Materials division of the American Chemical Society, and the Cellulose Society of Japan. EPNOE 2021 will bring together more than 350 industrials, academics and students that will share their latest results thanks to 195 oral presentations and 150 posters.


EPNOE 2021 is a unique occasion to increase the visibility of your company, build international network and find new inspiration for your business development.


The 7th EPNOE conference will take place on the 10-15 October 2021, in Nantes, France, an attractive, eco-friendly and comfortable sized city, easily accessible from all over the world.

350 academic and industrial attendees coming from all over the world

EPNOE 2021 conference will cover all topics related to polysaccharide structure, properties and applications. The conference program consists of multiple parallel sessions, each on specific topic, and is designed for researchers from academia and industry to present and discuss their latest results.

EPNOE 2021 topic session list :

- Characterisation of polysaccharides: problems and prospects
- Chemical and enzymatic modifications of polysaccharides
- Colloidal assembly of polysaccharides
- Structure-property relationship in plant cell walls
- Gels and porous materials
- Polysaccharides for drug delivery
- Polysaccharides for bioprinting, scaffolds and regenerative medicine
- Recycling, biodegradation, environmental and sustainability assessment
- Polysaccharide-based materials for energy and electronics
- 3D/4D printing of polysaccharide solutions, gels and composites
- Advanced nanocellulose-based materials
- Natural fibre reinforced composites
- Polysaccharides as natural binders and fillers in construction
- Cellulose dissolution, regeneration and the corresponding products
- Polysaccharides in food processing and digestion
- Bioactive polysaccharides

Deadline for abstract submission: March 21, 2021

Acceptance of oral communications: June 15, 2021

Registration deadline: October 1, 2021

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