From the 20 to the 24th of January 2020, Tec21 and the Fed3G together with their partner laboratories organised the 4th winter school on multiscale approaches and multiphysic couplings in fluid and solid mechanics.

This year, 28 participants attended the school, most of them PhD students from Grenoble but also from other places in France and abroad. Besides the lectures dealing with numerical and experimental tools and methods for multiscale approaches in mechanics, the participants spend two entire days in our laboratories to manipulate some of the most up-to-date techniques, both experimental and numerical, used to study complex natural or industrial systems.


Such high-tech lab-courses can welcome 4-6 students in each session, and 9 of them were open this year giving a wide overview of the current research topics studied in our laboratories: fluid and wave turbulence, granular and fibrous materials, deformable objects, rheology of suspensions, dense granular flows, viscoplastic and diphasic fluid flows.



As for the previous editions of the school, the last day was dedicated to a focus on a more specific problem involving fluid and solid mechanics. This year invited speakers were chosen among the best specialists to present the most recent techniques and results on the complex problem of waves in fluids and solids.



Thanks to the involvement of colleagues and researchers from our partner laboratories, this 4th edition of the school happened to be very rich and full of interactions between researchers, students and participants, and received many positive reactions from the attendees. The next edition is planned for 2021.



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