On the 4th of April 2019, Roger Lentle from Massey University (New Zealand) will give a seminar on the "Verifiable modelling of physical processing in the various compartments of the gut"

He will discuss the rheological and physiological difficulties in predicting mixing and propulsion of digesta within the intestinal lumen, and will also describe the use of spatiotemporal mapping to quantify movements in ex vivo segments of the intestinal wall in real time, the use of this data in computational fluid dynamic models to predict flow and mixing, and the concurrent use of dye marker excretion profiles to validate the models. Further he will give an example of how discrepancies between the two can highlight previously unknown sources of mixing. Finally he will discuss recent work on the stomach.


Roger Lentle is currently visiting researchers from the LRP to investigate the opportunity of coupling experimentations on the rheology of gastric fluids to his numerical approach.


Clément de Loubens (LRP)



Transport of particles at small scales by the active intestinal mucosa.
Roger Lentle's project 


The seminar will be held in the Nanobio Building at 2 pm.