Credit: J. Narcy
Credit: J. Narcy



Multiscale approches and multiphysic couplings in fluid and solid mechanics

Important societal issues require to solve problems of increasing complexity. A key vector of progress relies on multi-scale and multi-physics approaches. The aim of the winter school is to make an overview of the different approaches, numerical and experimental techniques allowing to tackle this complexity. All the courses will be illustrated through various up-to-date examples. Two entire days will be dedicated to practical excercises on « high-tech demonstrators » based on the most recent techniques and methods developed by partner laboratories of Tec 21.


The winter school is organised over a week. The speakers are specialists of fluid mechanics, solid mechanics and process engineering developing their research in Grenoble. On Friday, the lectures are given by invited speakers on the specific question of waves in fluids dans solids.






Multiscale approaches in mechanics



9:00 Introduction to fluid turbulence

10:50 Multi-scale approaches for the modelling and simulations of flows

12:30 Lunch break

13:45 Rheology of suspensions

14: 40 Homogenisation in heterogeneous materials

17:30 Apéritif and poster session






For PhD students, a certificate of attendance will be delivered on demand for any administrative purpose.

All lectures and courses will be given in english


Practical sessions

The participants will attend two practical sessions (one day each) to manipulate the most recent experimental and numerical tools and methods

Cocktail and poster sessions

On Monday, a cocktail will be organised after the first day of the school, the participants will expose a poster about their work and will have the opportunity to talk about science with each others

Welcome and gala dinners

The participants are invited to meet on Sunday evening for a welcome dinner in town before the beginning of the school.

On thrusday evening all the participants and the teachers will meet for dinner in an easy-going atmosphere


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