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PhD Project: Fluid to solid transition in granular media and the role of fluctuations: applications to forces on structures

Starting September, 2013

Granular materials are ubiquitous in a large variety of natural as well as industrial systems. One of their most fascinating properties is their ability to either sustain elastic stresses as solids, or to flow as fluids, depending on the applied solicitation. The present project will tackle the fundamental mechanisms arising when both a stagnant granular zone (quasi-static) and a dense-liquid granular zone (inertial regime) coexist with mainly the help of well-documented and well-calibrated DEM and FEMLIP numerical simulations.

Two model granular systems will be addressed: a lid-driven cavity and an inclined free-surface granular flow with a dead zone trapped by a wall.

The expected breakthrough concerns the identification of the role of fluctuations under well-controlled boundary conditions. This project is of utmost importance for a better understanding of granular flows around structures and forces exerted on those structures.

Modelling of an unstable granular bank flow over a wall (click on the image to run the animation)

 This project involves a collaboration between the ETNA team of IRSTEA and the 3SR Laboratory


PIThierry FaugCo-PIFrédéric Dufour; PhD Student: François Kneib (view his CV)


Project update

Published online 2 August 2015: Kneib F, Faug T, Dufour F, Naaim M. 2015. Numerical investigations of the force experienced by a wall subject to lid-driven granular flow: regimes and scaling of the mean force, Computational Particle Mechanics.

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