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PhD Project: Fibrin functional properties: from polymerisation to thrombosis

Starting: October 2013

While many recent clinical studies associate cardiovascular diseases with increased levels of Fibrinogen (Fg) in the blood stream, comparatively very few basic science investigations are concerned with the influence of Fg concentration variability on its main functional properties, i.e. on clot formation, mechanical properties and lysis. The objective of this PhD is to characterize, understand and model how fibrin grows from fibrinogen (kinetics and ultrastructure), resists to flow (multi scale structure, linear and nonlinear rheology) and then dissolves (kinetics and ultrastructure), first in normal conditions then in conditions simulating thromboembolic diseases. 

The main expected breakthrough is the understanding of several very important issues concerning thrombosis including thrombus resistance to lysis and thrombus break up.

This project involves a collaboration between the LRP Laboratory and the Experimental Recombinant Therapeutics department of the CHU Grenoble.


PI: François CatonCo-PI: Benoit PolackPhD StudentXabel GARCÍA GONZÁLEZ (view his CV)

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