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PhD 2017

Safe and smart packaging (summary)

Denneulin et al.



Numerical study of the physics of assisted atomisation to control its efficiency (summary)

Balarac et al.



Ice templating of gels of cellulose nanofibrils for the design of NFC cellular materials (summary)

Orgéas et al.



Hydrodynamics of bubble columns in the heterogeneous regime (summary)

Obligado et al.



PhD 2016

Cellulose pre-treatment for in situ fibrillation by extrusion (summary)

Bras et al.



The mechanics of embryonic epithelia (summary)

Blanchard et al.



PhD 2015

Hydro mechanics of reservoir rocks studied by quantitative in situ neutron imaging (summaryHall et al.



Forces inferred from macroscopic loading and grain motion (summary)

Richefeu et al.



Concepts and developments for pure cellulose production from recycled boards (summary)

Mortha et al.



Fibrous substitutes of laryngeal biomechanical oscillators (summary)

Bailly et al.



Simulations of heat transfer with liquid-vapor phase change and heater wetting properties (summary)

Ghigliotti et al.


Jumps in granular flows down inclines (summary)

Faug et al.



Experimental and numerical approach to the spalling of high-performance concrete due to fire (summary)

Dal Pont et al.


Multiscale characterisation of weak snow layer mechanical behaviour (summary)

Chambon et al.



PhD 2014

Numerical modelling of the behaviour of cellulose fibres in a fluid flow (summary)

Dumont et al.



Advanced measuring technique for the dynamic testing of concrete (summary)

Forquin et al.



Hydrodynamic conditions and structural organisation in the deposit during cross flow membrane separation process assisted by ultrasound (summary

Pignon et al.

Defended on the 19th of December, 2017

Fluid-structure interaction in cavitation erosion (summary)

Pellone et al.

Defended on the 29th of November 2017



Stimuli responsive nanocellulose-based matrices for differentiating cell growth (summary)

Foster et al.

Defended on the 27th of June 2017


Phototaxis and new methods for the concentration of microalgae suspensions (summary)

Peyla et al.

Defended on the 15th of March 2017


PhD 2013

Numerical simulation of turbulent mixing by a hybrid method combining finite-volume and Lagrangian schemes (summary)

Balarac et al.


Lagrangian study of an inhomogeneous turbulence (summary)

Mordant et al.

Defended on the 20th of October 2017

3D microrheology of concentrated fibre suspensions in non newtonian suspending fluids (summary)

Orgéas et al.

Defended on the 17th of March 2017


Particle clustering in turbulence, inertial dynamics and resulting turbulence-induced phenomena (summary)

Aliseda et al.

Defended on the 15th of December 2016

Fluid to solid transition in granular media and the role of fluctuations: application to forces on structures (summary)

Faug et al.

Defended on the 2nd of June 2017


Fibrin functional properties: from polymerisation to thrombosis (summary)

Caton et al.

Defended on the 14th of December 2016


Post-docs 2017

Valorisation of recycled starch, a new concept of biorefinery in paper recycling process  (summary)

Chirat et al.


Gas separation and filtration using thin liquid films (summary)

Lorenceau et al.



Numerical approach for modelling flow/vegetation interactions using SPH (summary)

Larroudé et al.

In search for new enzymes for the preparation of galactoglucomannan from wood (summary)

Chirat et al.

Post-docs 2016

Direct numerical simulation for magnetic flow control (summary)

Doche et al.



LES simulations of sheet flow sediment transport (summary)

Chauchat et al.



PFV embedding LBM:
a new numerical tool for micro-hydro-mechanical couplings (summary)

Chareyre et al.

Gel-like Rheology of Concentrated NFCs Suspensions


Orgéas et al.

Gravity currents over complex terrain (summary)

Negretti et al.



Post-docs 2015

Hydro-mechanical couplings in unsaturated media studied at the grain's scale (summary)

Salager et al.



Amoeboid motion of immune system cells (summary)

Misbah et al.



Numerical study of a thermoelectric effect during the solidification of metallic alloys (summary)

Budenkova et al.


Collective effects in the transport of large particles in a turbulent flow (summary)

Cissé et al.



Modelling of internal erosion by suffusion in soils (summary)

Sibille et al.



Post-docs 2014

Temperature measurements using fluorescent nano-particles: application to the study of thermal effects in turbulent cavitating flows (summary)

Ayela et al.

Microtomography of bacterial biofilms (summary)

Rolland du Roscoat et al.



Numerical and experimental cross analysis of the solid-fluid transition in geomaterials (summary)

Dufour et al.


Post-docs 2013

Mechanobiology of aneurism of abdominal aorta (summary)

Verdier et al.



Biocompatible multimembrane hydrogels as pulse-like drug delivery systems (summary)

Lin et al.