2015 visitors

Visitor: Jelke Dijkstra

Partners: Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), 3SR

Project: Catching up with creep in geomaterials

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Visitor: James Feng

Partners: Department of Mathematics and Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering (University of British Columbia, Canada), LIPhy

Project: A Coordinated Experimental-Theoretical Study of TransEndothelial Migration (TEM) of Cancer Cells

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Visitor: Emily Cranston

Partners: Sustainable Nano-Biocomposites Group, Department of Chemical Engineering (McMaster University, Canada), LGP2

Project: Improving Nanocellulose Gels, Films and Foams through Crosslinking and Responsive Behavior

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Visitor: Tomislav Ivankovic

Partners: Department of Microbiology (University of Zagreb, Croatia), 3SR, LEGI

Project: 3D visualization and quantification of biofilm in porous media by using X-ray microtomography

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