2014 visitors

Visitor: Guy Blanchard

Partners: Bénédicte Sanson & Richard Adams laboratories, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience (University of Cambridge, UK), LIPhy

Project: The mechanics of embryonic epithelia

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Visitor: Stephen A Hall

Partners: Division of Solid Mechanics (Lund University, Sweden), 3SR

Project: Coupled hydro-mechanics of reservoir rocks studied by quantitative in-situ neutron imaging

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Visitor: Marius Ungarish

Partners: Technion Israel Institute of Technology, LEGI, INRAE Grenoble

Project: Gravity currents over complex terrain

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Visitor: Sarah Mathews

Partners: Department of Organism and Evolutionary Biology (Harvard University, USA), CSIRO (Australia), LGP2

Project: Ability of seeds to tolerate desiccation and rehydration - 3D in situ analyse based on X ray tomography

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