2013 visitors

Visitor: Eric Johnsen

Partners: Mechanical Engineering University of Michigan (USA), LEGI, SIMAP

Project: Fluid-structure interaction in cavitation erosion

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Visitor: Victoria Vitkova

Partners: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, LIPhy

Project: Microcirculatory dynamics of blood

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Visitor: Yosuke Higo

Partners: Department of Urban Management (Kyoto University, Japan), 3SR

Project: Link between macroscopic behaviour and microstructural changes in partially saturated sand studied by x-ray tomography

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Visitor: Lyazid Djenidi

Partners: Department of Mechanical Engineering (University of New Castle, Australia), LEGI

Project: A new conceptual mixing strategy for micromixers

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Visitor: Claudio Tamagnini

Partners: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (University of Perugia, Italy), 3SR

Project: Innovative multiscale approach for modelling localised failure in unsaturated porous media

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Visitor: Johan Foster

Partners: Adolf Merkle Institute (University of Firbourg, Switzerland), LGP2

Project: Stimuli responsive nanocellulose based matrices for differentiating cell growth

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