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The students settle in PEI

January 2017


Since the beginning of December 2016, the students have settled in the education area of the PEI platform for the launching of the first lab-courses sessions of the PIME Master (Industrial Processes and Environmental management).

13 students have worked on the different pilots available to become familiar with some of the most common industrial operations such as membrane or physico-chemical treatments, ion exchange treatment, electrodialysis, or even aerobic biological treatment.

All these semi-industrial pilots are equipped with sensors and control units, and closely simulate the actual operating conditions as well as the main dysfunction commonly observed in the industry.


PEI offers the ideal environment for this education unit, especially thanks to the presence of the experimental hall in the same building, where the students can see examples of case study coming from actual industrial problems.



The LabEx Tec21 and the Fed3G launch PEI

July 2016


On the 7th of June 2016, the key academic partners of the PEI platform were present on the university campus to introduce the platform to almost 80 attendees coming from research groups, education units, big industries, SMEs and technological start-up companies.

This day was the occasion for the managers of the platform to reaffirm the will of the scientific community in mechanical and process engineering to reinforce its relations with industrial players in chemical engineering, agri-food industry, oil and gas, biorefinery and new materials, through collaborative projects putting together researchers, R&D engineers, and students from the numerous education units active in Grenoble in engineering sciences.

Key industrial players were present to explain their activities in chemical engineering, effluents treatment and material processing, and highlight the main challenges in their industry to help the scientific community connect its research activities to the current R&D problems.

A number of bilateral meetings were organised to give researchers and industrials the opportunity to discuss more in depth specific R&D topics and build contacts for further shared projects that will fuel the platform’s activity.


PEI Industry Day

April 2016


On the 7th of June 2016, PEI organises in collaboration with the competitiveness custer on chemistry and the environment Axelera and the Grenoble - Isère Economic Development Agency (AEPI), a kick-off event that will gather actors from the industry, the PEI scientific community, members from the education units and representatives from the main technology transfer departments on the campus.


This event will be a great opportunity to present the PEI platform, its premises, equipments and collaborative strategy, and to launch the collaborative dynamic that will be at the heart of the platform.


The event is free to all participant but for organisation purposes the registration is mandatory.


View the PEI Industry Day web page for more information and registration here.

The new Galilee building was just delivered

November 2015


Less than two years after the delivery of the planning permission, the group in charge of the construction of the building has handed the keys of the Galilee building over to the Université Grenoble Alpes. 

In the coming weeks, the Laboratory for Soils, Solids, Structures and Risks will take possession of its new premises upstairs of the building, and the PEI platform on processes, environment and industry will settle in on the ground floor during the first semester of 2016.  

The class rooms, the lab-course area, the start-up zone and the experimental hall are ready to welcome their occupants and should be fully operating by the end of 2016.

This last step is the accomplishment of a long term project aiming to promote the scientific activity in process engineering and clean technologies in Grenoble through a collaborative research platform gathering education, research and industry.

The Université Grenoble Alpes obtains the planning permission

January 2014



As part of the "opération campus Grenoble Université de l'Innovation", the building project is now launched and represents the largest investment programme in the last 30 years on the campus. 

Among the three buildings that will emerge during the next two years, the Galilee building (see plan on right), will host offices, class rooms and an experimental hall in its 4 500 m² premises dedicated to welcome the Laboratory for Soils, Solids, Structures and Risks and the PEI Platform. 


The delivery is scheduled for the end of 2015.