On the 13th and the 14th of February 2019, the LANEF "Laboratoire d'Excellence" and the Fed3G organise a workshop entitled "different states of turbulence and transitions from one state to the other: small and large-scale aspects and their interrelations".

During the first day, aspects of small scale turbulence and cascades will be discussed in terms of stochastic thermodynamics in connection to large deviation theory, entropy fluctuations and fluctuation theorems, and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics.


The second day will be dedicated to the large scale and average behaviours of evolving turbulent flows such as wakes of fractal and classical discs and wind turbines, as well as the development of turbulence as a consequence of multiscale excitations (such as by active or multiscale/fractal grids) in the context of cascade and turbulence dissipation phenomena. The universality and scalings of such phenomena in both equilibrium and non-equilibrium cascade situations will be a particular focus.


The sessions are organised in half days:  the morning presentations are open to any interested person, and the afternoon workshop sessions are open to registered participants.


For more information about the event,
email Alain Girard



Detailed programme of the conference
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The conference will be held at the LEGI